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Master Your Energy Through Transmutation

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Yesterday I was included in a heated discussion via group text with a handful of members from my community. Some of the members in the text are my dear friends and are very special to me. This group chat went on for about 5+ hours, before I finally chimed in with a single text message stating my opinion.

When I finally spoke up, the group had pretty much had enough of the conversation. And, there were no further comments or responses after my message was sent. I went to bed feeling fine, knowing that I spoke my heart and my truth and did it as respectfully and compassionately as possible.

But, a few hours into the night, I was awakened by a terrible heaviness lodged in my heart. My eyes shot wide open as I realized that I had been energetically attacked by one of the members from the group. This attack was not a conscious attack, and my guides immediately started speaking to me. "Kelsey," they calmly said to me, "she didn't do it on purpose. She didn't know what she was doing. Please, forgive her."

As I tapped into this heaviness I could feel my thoughts get pulled into a chaotic spiral of worry, doubt, fear and insecurity. I kept replaying the entire conversation in my head, over and over again. Prior words that had no effect on me the day before were suddenly triggering me in all kinds of ways. I felt a lot of emotions rise that I hadn't previously had before going to bed. Suddenly, I knew I was being sucked into a drama and storyline that wasn't serving me.

I breathed deeply for a few minutes and called in the Angels to assist me. While lying in bed, I simply prayed, "Angels, I could use your assistance. Please surround me and clear anything in my form that isn't mine. Please help to remove all of this worry, doubt, fear and insecurity from my heart and my mind. Help me to be as clear as possible in this moment."

In less than a minute, I felt the heaviness within my heart begin to dissolve and lift. While they were working on me, I could sense that there was a small hole in my energy field, right above my heart, that had allowed these energies to penetrate me. It seemed as if my friend had unconsciously thrown an energetic dart really hard at me and it broke my auric boundary like a pebble being thrown through a window. This hole allowed heaps of unhelpful energies to take hold of me. I asked the Angels to begin patching up my aura and asked them to create a protective shield around me to prevent future attacks.

By this point, I was feeling very clear and tapped into the Other World. I could see these benevolent beings surrounding me and sending me beautiful codes of light and healing frequencies. So, with their permission, I began to ask a few questions. My first question was, "Why did this happen?" My Spirit Guides and Angels responded with this:

When people are suffering, they lose control of their energy fields. Their hearts shut down. They carry too much pain, until they are no longer able to carry it anymore, so they will often release it by trying to give it over to another person. This happens both consciously and unconsciously. When people speak or think ill of another person, they are transferring their pain onto someone else, because they do not have the tools to properly transform their own pain. They often need the assistance of others to help them.

I then asked, "Is there anything I can do to help calm this situation between me and the group? Is there any way to help transmute some of the pain that some of them are carrying?" Again, the guides replied:

Yes! What you can do is exactly what you just did! You may take the pain and suffering from another into your own heart, and transmute it back out into the world as love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

They then began to show me the effect of my choice to not be upset or hurt over being energetically attacked. And, how by choosing forgiveness and compassion, I was able to transmute the pain that I felt in my heart into a higher frequency. This frequency was pushed back out into the Universe, and into our group, so that more could experience what it means to be loved unconditionally, without judgement or criticism.

This choice has a profound effect in our homes, our communities and our Earth. It appears that most of us are simply recycling anger and judgement by pushing it back out to anyone who can catch it. But, this alternate approach of receiving the darkness, loving it and forgiving it, and then sending it back out as something much lighter, has a powerful way of ending the cycle of abuse.

Through our own, sacred bodies, we can literally alter and transmute energy. We can use our hearts to filter the energies that we experience so that what we send out is pure, clean and heart-centered as opposed to distorted or egotistical. This is the path to healing our world.

We Create Our Reality From Within

I think that there's three really important lessons that come from this story, which is why I'm sharing it today. The first lesson is that we have to become more aware and conscious of what we're putting out into the world. Every time we judge or criticize another person, engage in gossip or stir up drama with others, we're putting a frequency out into the world that can truly harm others. It hurts them; energetically, emotionally and physically.

When we give energy to these kinds of behaviors that don't serve our highest good then we are creating and manifesting more of that as our reality. On the flip side, when we're focusing on forgiveness and non-judgement while trying to speak as kindly towards others as possible then we're going to create more of that in the World.

There is a powerful shift that happens in our reality when we are looking for ways to stay in our hearts and speak words that heal, reconcile and bring peace to situations. It really is true that we are creating our reality from within. We do this by consciously choosing how we react and respond to certain situations and circumstances.

We Are The Masters of Our Energy

The second lesson is to understand that when we're feeling intense energies, emotions, feelings or triggers they're usually not coming from within ourselves. It is most likely a response to something we've absorbed from our outer world. Whether this be something we read on social media or heard on the news, something a friend told us, or a triggering conversation that we were apart of... it doesn't really matter. Anything and everything that we engage with in a day can get lodged into our energy system and cause disorder in our bodies, our thoughts, and our hearts.

We need to understand that a lot of what we feel throughout our day isn't actually ours. It's coming from somewhere outside of ourselves. We must become masters of our energy, by learning to decipher what is ours and what isn't. And, if it's not ours, we need to learn how to clear the energy efficiently and effectively. If it is ours, then we need to learn how to transform and transmute those denser energies into something that is more appropriate and in alignment with our Higher Self.

Care, Don't Carry

The final lesson that we are being taught is that we can care, but we can't carry. In almost every corner of the world, people are suffering. Many are going through massive life changes, powerful awakenings and uncomfortable transformations. You probably even know people in your own lifestream who are struggling and dealing with major life issues.

However, when we carry all of these excess worries, doubts, fears and negativities that others are experiencing they wreak havoc on our emotional and spiritual well-being. We cannot take on other people's pain or darkness as our own.

What we have to do when we experience somebody else's pain is learn not to carry it. Part of that is learning to transmute it or clear it from our bodies so it does not become attached to us.

Final Thoughts

We are all being given many opportunities right now to choose a different response and reaction to the negativity and darkness that is placed upon us. How do you respond when someone has a different belief or opinion than you do? How do you respond when someone judges, criticizes or attacks you? How do you respond when you hear about injustices towards others or experience them for yourself?

We are being called to become masters of our energy and to create our reality from within. Our lesson is to be so aware of our bodies and energy fields that we know at any moment whether the energies we are experiencing are our own, someone else's or the collective's. And, when we feel anything other than peace, calm, and love, we must find ways to move through those lesser energies as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that we don't carry them or pass them on to others.

I'm not teaching you to avoid or deny that darkness and pain exists. Just like most of you, I experience sadness, anger, jealousy and other lower frequencies throughout my day. But, what I am teaching is that you don't have to carry these frequencies and allow them to make you unwell. Instead, you can overpower these frequencies and heal them with love, compassion, forgiveness, peace and an open heart.

Sending you all the love and blessings you deserve!

With love,




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