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Healing With Mother Earth

Updated: May 2, 2023

One of my most precious teachers, the late elder Malidoma Somé, describes the Earth as the mother on whose lap we can always find nourishment, support, comfort, and love. He always discussed the Earth like our mother, who blesses us and always has the door open for us. She gives us a sense of nourishment, belonging, and unconditional love.

In my work with Malidoma, I would participate in radical Earth burial rituals where we would literally crawl into or onto the Earth and allow the Great Mother to absorb and take away all our unnecessary burdens and heaviness. We would allow the frequency of the Earth to regenerate our body and spirit. We'd stay with the Earth in a ceremonial way as long as it took to feel whole and healed. These were some of the most extreme and the most profound healings that I've ever witnessed. You can work with Mother Earth to help absorb and transform your negative energies. It's simple! And no, you don't have to bury yourself in the dirt like I did. All you must do is consciously sit on the ground with the intention to release your problems, stresses, fears, and worries to the Great Mother. It's just like when you were a child, and you had that one person in your life who could kiss away your pain and make you feel so much better with just a hug. Mother Earth has the same power. I find that the more raw and real you can get to the Earth, the more she is able to absorb and transform your burdens. If you can, take time to place your bare feet and bare hands on the Earth. Or even better, try lying down on her - belly to belly and heart to heart. Take as much time as you can to truly feel her and connect to her. However you connect to the earth, be sure to thank her for her love and support. When I was a new mother, I would experience moments of feeling extremely exhausted and overwhelmed. After I'd put the kids down for a nap or bedtime. I'd run outside for just a few minutes and lay my belly down on the Earth. Sometimes I would cry and allow myself to release. Other times I would simply lay there and let her absorb my feelings. It only took a minute or two, but I'd always get up feeling so much lighter and clearer. If you're in an environment that has warm weather right now, I encourage you to go outside and connect to the ground beneath your feet. You can do it in complete silence or pay some meditative music.

In my online mastery course, Become the Healer of Your Home, I recorded a simple guided healing meditation that is meant to be listened to while lying on the earth. Even if the weather isn't cooperating right now, you can still lay down on a soft bed or the floor and call in the Earth energy to surround you while you listen to this meditation. Before you begin the meditation below, ask yourself:

  • What is it that I want to release to the Earth Mother today?

  • What do I need transformed in my life?

  • What do I need to let go of to feel completely nourished, supported, and loved by God and this great planet?

  • What parts of my life have made me feel heavy, fearful, or burdened?

  • Where do I most feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?

  • What do I no longer want or need in my body, my mind, my Spirit and my life?

  • What feelings, emotions, or beliefs, do I wish to release that are no longer serving a higher purpose for me?

Take a few minutes to jot down your answers in a journal or notebook. You will take these prayers of release and healing to the Earth today.

When you're finished journaling, you'll go get yourself ready for the meditation. You may download the audio version of the Earth Mother Healing meditation here so that it's easy to take outdoors or wherever you decide to do your meditation. Or, you can listen to it in the video below:

With Love,




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