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Self-Care For the Full Moon

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The moon is an important ally that helps us to embody and balance our Divine Feminine energies. When you align with the phases of the moon, you will naturally become more in tune with your feminine essence. The more sensitive and intuitive you become, the more you will feel the vast and strong energies surge with each moon phase.

The days around the full moon are a time when the seeds we've planted comes to fruition. The goals we set and planned for begin to take form in our physical reality as our intentions start to manifest and come together.

This is a time of the cycle that is vibrant, alive and full of high energy. This is our most active phase in the moon cycle. We will find ourselves filled with motivation and passion. The full moon encourages us to keep moving forward, especially if you've previously felt stuck or stagnant in certain areas of your life.

Here are nine of my favorite self-care practices you can incorporate into your life in the days surrounding the full moon phase of each month.

Moon Bathing

The full moon emits a potent, healing frequency that will amplify your vibration and heal the deepest layers of your Soul. If you can, sleep with the windows open during the full moon so that the moonlight shines onto you throughout the entire night. If this isn't your cup of tea, you can simply make it a point to spend some time sitting or laying outside with the full moon either in the early morning hours before the sun rises or late at night.

Gazing at the moon and stars has a powerful effect on our psyche and can encourage us to embrace the fullness of all that we are. Moon bathing helps to balance and reset the body, enhances positivity, and clears negative energy in your aura and in your life.

Full Moon Crystals

Many people choose to clear their crystals with each new moon and charge them with the full moon. To charge your crystals means that you are amplifying their intention and making their healing properties as strong as possible. This is a great way to ensure they're always operating at full capacity.

To charge your crystals, simply gather them together in a box or tray and set them outside all night long during the full moon. You can also put them by a window that will get direct moonlight. Leave them there for 12-24 hours before returning them to their normal resting place. You can also use the moonlight to charge your divination and healing tools, such as tarot cards, pendulums or singing bowls.

During the full moon you can include the following crystals into your self-care routines. For example, you can place them all around or inside of your Full Moon Bath Ritual and can infuse your moon water with them. I'd also recommend carrying one or more of the following crystals with you throughout the full moon week and sleeping with them under your pillow.

  • Carnelian works with your creative center and invites more passion and joy into your life. It will help you to take bold action and manifest your dreams into reality.

  • Selenite clears energy blockages so that you can clearly see your next action steps to take. It helps to remove mental fog, density and unwanted energies.

  • Citrine helps to raise your vibration and activates your personal power. It supports you in feeling confident and worthy, which enhances your ability to manifest your dreams into reality.

  • Rose Quartz is effective in attracting new experiences and relationships into your life. It emits a heart-oriented and compassionate energy that will encourage you to love and support others as well as yourself.

  • Jasper encourages a sense of wholeness and can help to ground your energy if you're feeling too busy and overwhelmed. It increases your physical endurance so you can accomplish all of your to-do's!

Attend to Business

The full moon signals a "go-time" attitude and creates a motivating environment for us to get things done in our life. This is a good time to create a list of tasks for work, events with friends and family, errands, chores, exercise, recreation, and self-care. Prioritize all of your top tasks using the Franklin Covey method. Make a goal to check off a certain number of tasks per day while your energy is high.

You may feel inspired during the full moon to clean, declutter and organize your home and your life. A messy house or workspace can contribute to a messy mind which makes it harder to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Use this Ultimate Decluttering Checklist to inspire you.

Moon Water

Moon water helps to capture the powerful healing frequencies and magical properties of the moon. To make moon water, you'll need a clean, clear jar or jug with a lid. Fill it up with distilled water and leave it out under the full moon overnight to charge. To enhance and customize your moon water, you can add crystals, essential oils or herbs.

The moon water can be consumed, brewed with herbal teas, used in your baths or added to recipes and DIY's. You can also water your plants or cleanse your crystals with moon water. I like to use my charged moon water to make my DIY Aura Cleansing Sprays.

Full Moon Bath Ritual

In my opinion, baths are one of the ultimate forms of self care and energy healing. During the full moon, infuse your bath with an intention by touching the water with your hands. As you merge the water with your essence, be sure to give your full moon bath an intention. A full moon bath can center on clearing your path of blockages and obstacles so that your highest dreams can manifest. Another full moon intention could be to help energize and ignite your passions to be able to carry out your goals.

I like to set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting some candles, and infusing my bath with crystals and relaxing music. I also add 2-3 of my favorite bath time ingredients to the bath for extra nourishment and self-care. Here's some amazing ingredients to utilize during the full moon.

  • Sea Salt to clear negative energies from your aura so you can let go of the old and create the new.

  • Ground coffee beans or black tea to help awaken your Spirit, keep you alert and promote aliveness and vitality during this intense week.

  • Apple cider vinegar helps to restore a person's psyche and is used in rituals for matters dealing with change.

  • Essential oils are always a necessity for any of my baths! Add 5-10 drops of any of your favorite essential oils to your bath or choose from the oils listed below.

  • Oats can help to nourish the seeds you're planting of intentions, dreams and visions to grow or manifest as reality.

  • Full Moon Water helps you to align with the healing properties of the moon.

I created this black tea bath ritual to energize and ignite your passions and Soul during the full moon. These two recipes would also be perfect to create during the full moon: Mood Elevating Essential Oil Bath Blend or Soothing Oatmeal Bath Soak.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can assist you in balancing the excessive energy and vitality you may be experiencing during the full moon. Essential oils can also stimulate motivation, passion and feelings of empowerment to help you move forward in your life.

Diffuse a combination of essential oils in your living and working spaces. You can intuitively mix 2 or 3 of the oils below or try this Full Moon Diffuser Blend. You can also add these oils to your bath water and body lotion:

  • Helichrysum for wholeness, courage and hope.

  • Lemongrass for clarity, energetic cleansing and letting go of old, limiting beliefs.

  • Bergamot to inspire self-acceptance, optimism and confidence.

  • Spearmint for confidence, inner clarity and courage.

  • Jasmine for arousing passion, Divine trust and self-acceptance.

  • Cypress encourages flexibility and adaptability to flow with life''s changes.

  • Frankincense for spiritual connection, enlightenment, wisdom and protection.

  • Melissa to raise your vibration and strengthen your connection to the Divine.

  • Wild Orange for abundance, energy, creativity and releasing fear.

  • Clary Sage to enhance your intuition and shift your perspective.

Each morning when I get out of the shower, I create an aromatic dressing with two or three of the above oils and lovingly anoint my whole body with self-love, compassion and intentions for the day. During the full moon, I consciously choose to work with oils that will give me energy and courage to move forward. Here's two personal perfumes that I like to work with during this time: Raise the Vibe Roller Blend and Empowered Woman Roller Recipe.

Tarot Spread

During this moon phase, your passion and motivation are soaring and your energy is heightened. By tuning into your intuitive side during this time, you allow yourself to receive guidance and direction on your path as well as know whether you're heading in a positive direction.

The full moon is a potent time to work with your divination tools such as oracle cards, tarot cards, and pendulums. A simple Google search will bring up dozens of amazing ideas and spreads to ask your cards during the full moon.

Another technique that I love is to pull a single card once every quarter moon phase. This will help give you an outlook and focus on the next seven days. Here's an example of how this might look:

  • New Moon - What are my intentions for the upcoming cycle? What new beginnings are awaiting me?

  • First Quarter, Waxing Moon - Where should I be focusing my energy and attention on this week? What new and exciting energies am I welcoming in this week?

  • Full Moon - What do I need to do to overcome blockages that prevent me from manifesting my desires? What achievements can I celebrate right now?

  • Third Quarter, Waning Moon - What am I releasing in my life? What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?

Full Moon Tea Ceremony

I love searching Etsy for full moon tea blends that can be used during this period to inspire courage, confidence, motivation and healing. I enjoy working with uplifting and exotic herbs such as yarrow, cardamom and jasmine during the full moon. You can make teas out of these or add them to your bath rituals.

Here's a DIY full moon tea recipe that is easy to make. It's super light and energizing. It's exactly what the Soul needs during the full moon. As you make a full moon tea, be sure to infuse it with your prayers and intentions for the upcoming cycle.

Protection Ritual

You can work with the full moon to provide powerful protection for your home and yourself. The full moon energy acts like a strong and fierce lioness who will never let anything come between her and her cubs. Energy protection is important to ensure that negative, toxic or harmful energies don't find a dwelling in your aura or your house.

One of my favorite rituals for protection begins by gathering ash from a fire:

  1. Collect ash from a fire pit or create a sacred fire and burn it down. Once the ash is cooled, sift the ash and remove any large or unburnt pieces.

  2. As you're preparing your ash, program the ash by setting the intention for "impermeable protection." Put the ash in a large container with a lid.

  3. Next, allow your protective ash to charge by placing it under the full moon overnight. If you prefer to, you can surround your ash with protective and grounding crystals!

  4. The next morning, before the sun rises, take your bowl of ash and, with your bare hands, scatter it around the entire perimeter of your home or property. As you do this, say out loud, "Ash for protection." If you like, you can add any other prayers or intentions for protection.

  5. Finally, take a little bit of the ash and rub it on the bottom of your feet.

You can also smear a small amount of the protective ash on each entryway of your home or underneath the beds for added protection during the night. Add a sprinkle of it to your Full Moon Bath, your sacred space, or any other place that you want to invoke extra protection.

I hope you've enjoyed these recipes and self-care rituals. Wishing you the upmost joy and positivity as you transition into another full moon!

With Love,



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