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Take Care of Each Other

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

If you're confused or discouraged about the current state of the world, please know that you are not alone. If you have felt saddened and disheartened, you are not alone. If you're wondering how we got into this frequency in the first place, you are not alone. If you're angry, scared, grieving, or heartbroken, you are not alone.

Even though it may seem like we're more divided and alone than ever, we're not. The Truth is that just because we're each having vastly different experiences in this moment, we've never been disconnected from each other. We do, in fact, have each other and will always be unified. And I believe the greatest thing we can do in this moment is to take care of each other.

We are stronger when we unite. There are powerful people in this world who benefit from us remaining weak, divided and at war with one another. Let us strive to no longer fuel this plan. How much worse do things have to get before we realize our power is in our numbers coming together and in our collective voices crying out against this divisive energy?

We take care of each other through cultivating a deep respect for one another. Let us practice non-judgement towards each other. Let us welcome and encourage one another to think critically and ask questions that counter our current points of view. Let us advocate for open and honest communication around difficult topics. Let us not be afraid to dive deep into articles and opinions that are conflicting or triggering. Let us courageously look at all sides of the conversation, rather than censoring, shaming, arguing, or silencing those who speak out against the mainstream narrative.

Let us embrace those who are different from us and especially those who challenge us. I do believe it is possible for each of us to have conversations and productive dialogue around all topics with compassion and kindness. What do we really gain by tearing each other down or by shaming and guilting one another? What do we really gain by attempting to make everyone conform to our personal way of thinking and believing?

Soften your edges, particularly towards those you disagree with. The world is NOT black and white. Just because your neighbor disagrees with you, does not make them wrong. We live in a world where the answer is always, “Yes”, no matter what the question is. This is complicated for many, but we each must learn how to be softer, more open, and neutral, especially in the face of adversity.

One of the most beautiful things about our humanness is how vastly unique and different we all are. We each have something to bring to the current conversations and to our communities. We each have unique gifts and talents to offer one another. Let us favor our diversity and use it to learn and grow rather than to keep us divided.

I strongly believe we will not move forward until we learn to love our way through these difficult moments. We must embrace a whole new level of acceptance and compassion for our brothers and sisters living on this planet. What we are collectively going through is not easy, even for the strongest of Souls.

We know that the old structures win through war, division, chaos, manipulation, and destruction. Those of you who are releasing these old systems from your livestream and are focusing on the new energies, must embrace a new way of living that does not include any of these outdated behaviors. This requires a whole new level of spiritual mastery and maturity. The time to up level is NOW!

I have been writing about these challenging times for the last year and a half. If you're new here, I'm linking previous articles that have inspired us to courageously work through these challenging times with as much ease and grace as possible. I think you will find these posts helpful to read or revisit:

Yesterday, I felt an immense amount of grief rush through me. It was completely unexpected and overwhelming. I'm finding that this is happening to me more and more, oftentimes daily. Just like many of you, I'm processing and clearing an enormous amount of dense energy from my body and from my life so that I can move forward. I've learned to recognize this grief as a form of cleansing and reconciling. A necessary healing is taking place within each of us.

As I felt the weight of sadness and loss, I couldn't help but wonder, "God, where are you? Have you abandoned your people?" The voice I heard was so strong, so clear. A loving voice said, "No. I will never abandon you." Next, a wave of comfort embraced me, and I was immediately reminded that everything we're witnessing both on an individual level and collectively is being revealed to us so that we can once and for all heal the distortion and density from our lives and from our planet.

We are growing. We are changing. We are evolving. So, go easy on yourself as you move through these powerful initiations and transitions. And, more importantly, go easy on others. Their process will not look like yours and it's not meant to. The best thing you can offer in times of need is your heart, your compassion, and your kindness.

I hope this message finds you well. Sending you so much love.

With Love,



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