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Harnessing the Protective Power of Crystal Grids

Placing crystals around your body, bed, room, or home is an effective way to protect yourself from unwanted or harmful energies. Crystal grids can also help protect yourself and your home against negative entities and other undesirable spirits.

You can also utilize crystal grids to protect from dis-ease, to strengthen the immune system, to clear or ground your energy, to alleviate stress, and to open your mind. Crystals are powerful healers that can assist us in immeasurable ways. But today, we're going to focus on crystal grids that are specifically meant to be used as an energetic protection tool.

Protective Crystals

Crystals and precious gems have been worn and carried for protection for centuries. Dark crystals such as Obsidian, Jasper, Onyx and Black Tourmaline are known to be really powerful guardians of our energy.

In addition, orange, yellow, and gold crystals are known to help protect a person's personal power. These crystals can also help to heal and strengthen your solar plexus chakra to make you less susceptible against energetic attacks. For this reason, crystals such as Amber, Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Pyrite, Sunstone and Tiger's Eye are also great choices for spiritual protection.

In addition to the crystals I have already mentioned, here's a few more crystals that are excellent guardians and protectors of your energy:

  • Amazonite is great for establishing healthy boundaries. It protects against harmful electromagnetic waves that can disrupt your energy field. It also helps to alleviate worry and fear.

  • Amethyst dispels negativity, fear, anger and rage. This crystal helps to repel any kind of interference that challenges your personal freedom and sovereignty.

  • Clear quartz can be used to purify and clear your aura of anything that isn't in your highest alignment. You can use clear quartz to amplify the protective barriers that surround your energy field.

  • Rose quartz encourages compassion and unconditional love. Rose quartz assists in cleansing denser emotions, such as anger, jealousy, resentment, and fear. It is excellent at repelling low frequencies that aren't in alignment with the heart.

  • Fluorite transforms negative energy into positive energy. It is especially useful for empaths and it can break up blockages that may be in your aura.

  • Lastly, I like malachite because it helps to absorb painful emotions and negative energies from your body and your surroundings very quickly.

I have a 4-piece rose quartz heart set available in my online store that would be perfect to use for gridding your home or room for protection. This set also comes with an instruction card for crystal gridding!

Clear, Program and Charge

Remember, as with all crystals, you'll want to clear, program, and charge your crystals before using them for protection. As a reminder, you can clear your crystals of unhelpful energies by running them under water, smudging them with sacred smoke, or by burying them in salt or dirt. Program your crystals by holding them in your hands or next to your heart. Open yourself up to receive love and infuse your crystals with your intentions for impermeable protection and any other prayers or intentions that you have. You can infuse your crystals with your own intentions for healing or try something like this:

Beloved and compassionate Crystals, please assist in protecting me and my family from any unwanted or harmful energies that are not in my highest alignment. Please place and strengthen a protective barrier of Divine light around my body, my aura, my family, and my home. I ask for impermeable protection. I now command that whatever is not for my highest good to not be permitted to enter this space. I love you. I thank you. So it is.

Finally, you want to charge your crystals periodically on a selenite charging plate, or by placing them in the sunlight or under the full moon. Charging helps to amplify the energy of your crystals and boost their healing frequencies.

Crystal Grids: The Basics

My favorite crystal technique for protection is to place a crystal grid around my bedroom or the property of my home. You can also put a grid around your bed, your meditation space, your office, or any other space in your home. Crystal grids are a very simple tool used for protection. To create a protective grid, you'll need four to eight protection crystals. You can use any of the protection crystals that I've previously shared above. You can also let your intuition choose other crystals that may not be noted here. Crystals work the same no matter the size, especially if your crystals are properly cleared, programmed and charged. So, when creating a crystal grid, there is no need to worry about how big they are. If you're putting a crystal grid around your entire home, you'll bury the crystals around the four corners and/or the four directions of your property. You don't have to bury them very deep. You can simply stick them a few inches into the ground and all around your property. Another way that I like to work with the crystal grids is to put the crystals in the four corners of my children's bedrooms. In a previous blog, I discussed how my children have been known to deal with nightmares, night terrors, and unwanted visitors at nighttime. One of the ways I help to protect them energetically while they sleep is to grid their rooms with tiny crystals. I place one in each corner of their bedroom. This helps to ensure that there are no intrusive energies coming into their space at night. Once you've gridded a room, your home, or a space, you will visualize all the crystals connecting to one another to create a barrier of protection all around you. You'll want to see yourself or your home in the center of that grid as completely held, supported and protected by the crystals. It is as if a powerful, energetic forcefield has been built around you and only that which is in your highest Divine alignment will be permitted to enter.

How To Crystal Grid for Protection

Here's my simplified, step-by-step instructions for creating a crystal grid for protection:

  1. Gather four to eight small protection crystals (see above). They do not have to be the same size, type, or color.

  2. Clear your crystals of any unwanted or unhelpful energies by smudging them, rinsing them in water, or burying them in salt or dirt.

  3. Next, program the crystals for "impermeable protection" by setting prayers and intentions over your crystals.

  4. Charge or amplify the crystals' energy by letting them bathe in the full moon, in sunlight, or with other crystal amplifiers.

  5. Bury the crystals around the four corners and/or directions of your property. If you're gridding a room or sacred space, simply place the crystals in the four corners of the room.

  6. Visualize the crystals connecting to one another to create a barrier of protection all around you. See yourself, your room, or your home as completely supported and protected.

Become the Healer of Your Home

Did you enjoy this energetic protection technique? In my newest online mastery course, you will discover dozens of protection practices, ceremonies and exercises to enhance your healing journey. My online course also includes more ways to use crystals to assist in further protecting you and your home.

With love,



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