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Visualization Technique: Complete the Circuit

The creation of an energy circuit is a technique that is often taught to healers and reiki practitioners. When a person learns to complete this energy circuit correctly, they can access a stronger flow of healing energy throughout their body and are able to increase the output of this energy more efficiently and effectively to their clients.


When I teach healing work to others, one of the first things my students learn is to create a loop or circuit of energy before performing energy work. In its most basic explanation, practitioners are taught to create an electromagnetic field where energy is flowing uninterrupted in infinite directions. I teach students that they must stay fully grounded to the Earth while simultaneously opening and connecting to higher forces.


For Reiki to function properly, a person must learn to stay connected with both the Earth energy and Universal Life Force energy. Many people want to open themselves up to the Higher Realms, but don’t realize that the energy circuit is not complete unless their energy is also rooted deeply into the Earth. Both energies are essential for performing healing work. And, by doing this, we recognize that we are both matter (here) and Spirit (there).


Completing the Circuit: When and Why

Of course, Reiki isn’t the only time a person can complete their energy circuit. In fact, I encourage everyone to learn this technique regardless of if you’re an energy or hands-on healer.


It’s always a good idea to complete your energy circuit:

  • Before prayer or meditation

  • Before participating in spiritual practices

  • Before connecting to Spirit (i.e., divining, dowsing, psychic readings, etc.)

  • For spiritual protection and healing

  • When accessing the Akashic Records

  • When doing multi-dimensional work in other realms (i.e., shamanic journeying, gatekeeping, etc.)

  • While blessing your food and drinks

  • Whenever you want to ground and center yourself

  • Whenever you want to feel more connected to God, Earth or Spirit


The completion of your circuit can increase your own psychic or intuitive abilities. It can help to cleanse and clear the energy channels and chakras throughout your own aura. It also has other benefits such as raising one’s vibration, increasing their vitality, and strengthening attention and awareness. It can also make your prayers and intentions more powerful!


For healers, a strong and connected circuit will allow them to direct more healing energy out of their palms and into their clients. It helps practitioners to conserve their own energy, so that when they’re healing someone, they’re supplying them with Universal Life Force energy, rather than depleting themselves of their own energy.


I teach a simple, four step process to complete the circuit (center, ground, open, and receive). In this article, I’m going to break down each step for you.

Step One: Centering

The first step to completing the circuit is to center yourself. You want to take a few moments to become fully present in your body.


The first thing I like to do is to observe my own vibration and try to name it. I’ll ask myself, “What is my current emotional state? How do I feel in this moment?” Then, I’ll take a few seconds to go inside of myself and explore the answer. I then try to name my emotional state with just 2-3 words. Remember, we’re simply observing our emotional state – don’t try to judge how you’re feeling. Simply witness and accept where you’re at.


On a good day, you may already come into your practice feeling calm, quiet, and at peace. However, I’ll often feel a bit ungrounded, jittery, scattered, restless, or anxious before centering. If you’re like me, you might find this as well, and I want you to know that it’s completely normal. Understanding your emotional state helps to have a starting point, so that at the end of this first step you know if you’re centered or not.


 The next thing that I like to do is breathe into my heart. The center of the circuit and of your energy field is the heart. The heart must be open and expansive for you to continue.

I always take at least three deep breaths while bringing my awareness into my heart center. In Reiki, we teach the practitioner to place their hands in Gassho or Anjali Mudra which is simply bringing the palms together in a prayer position at the heart chakra.


By uniting our hands in front of our heart, we join the left and right hemispheres of our brain and bring calmness to our minds. To further deepen our inner awareness in meditation, we can concentrate on the beating of our heart against our hands. – Pilgrimage of the Heart of Yoga


Another technique that I like to use is placing my palms directly over my heart, one hand on top of the other. And, then I like to breathe into my hands. Some people prefer to leave the hands down, resting in their laps with their palms facing up and open (ready to receive). The hands can help you to draw into your heart center so you may want to play around with your hand positions to find which way feels best for you.


While centering, I also like to invoke a Divine presence to be with me. Who are the benevolent beings in the Spirit Realms that you like to call on? You can call on one or many or none at all. It’s up to you if you want to include this step in your centering practice or not. But, if you choose to do this, then I’d recommend you simply say their names out loud. I usually say something like, “God, Jesus, Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors, please be with me now.”


My teacher, Malidoma, would say you only need to know the name of one of your Ancestors to call on the Spirit World. Simply say their name out loud and tell them what you want or need. They will be the spokesperson for the rest of the Spirit World and will relay any message that you need.


At this point, I still have my hands at my heart and my eyes are closed. From here, I usually like to take another three breaths to feel this Divine presence enter the room. Once I feel their presence, I like to set my intentions and prayers. Because I’m about to open myself up, I want to ensure that myself and the room is protected and clear.


Before you move on to the second step, it’s a good idea to check back in with your emotional state. So once again you’ll want to ask yourself, “What is my current emotional state? How do I feel in this moment?” The goal is for your energy to feel more centered. Try to describe your emotional state in 2-3 words. I usually feel calm, relaxed, connected, steady, held, supported, and loved.


If you don’t feel centered yet, you need to stay in this step before moving on. You may need to breathe deeper. You may need to stay in prayer a little bit longer. It’s normal for this step to take 5-10 minutes for beginners. But the more you practice centering, the easier it gets. For me, I can usually do this step in a minute or two, but I’ve had quite a bit of practice.


Keep in mind that the whole point of this first step is to position your consciousness and awareness with God, your heart, and Spirit. You want to feel aligned with God and fully present in your body.

Step Two: Grounding

The second step in this process is to ground your energy down into the Earth. Essentially, you want to visualize your energy touching the center of the Earth or imagine deep roots growing down through your feet into the Earth.


If you’re standing or sitting in the chair, this step helps to have your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you’re sitting on the floor, then you want to ensure your seat is rested evenly and firmly on the ground. Regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing, you want to ensure that your weight is evenly distributed. The more physically stable, sturdy, and balanced you are, the more you will feel grounded. So, your posture matters!


Many healers will take off their shoes before performing healing work. I find that this helps the energy to move quicker and easier down into the Earth. Most rubber shoes actually block the flow of Earth energy, which is why it’s always recommended to put your bare feet or bare hands on the Earth when grounding!


Next, you want to visualize your heart energy being sent down into the Earth. There are a couple different ways to do this:


  1. Visualize a white light glowing at your heart chakra. See the white light traveling from your heart chakra down to your solar plexus chakra, through your sacral chakra and root chakra. Then, see the white light traveling past the lower three chakras and through the Earth, reaching the Earth’s core.

  2. Visualize your three grounding cords – one extending from your root chakra and two coming out of your feet. See the three cords being braided or wrapped together. Then visualize them connecting to the center of the Earth. I like to see them being wrapped around the Earth’s core three times.

  3. Imagine strong roots growing out the bottoms of your feet. Like a very strong and tall tree, grow your roots deep into the Earth. See them growing all the way down into the Earth until they touch the Earth’s center.


For Reiki to function properly, you must stay connected with the Earth’s energy. A common misconception that many people have is that to be spiritually open means that they most open up and connect to the Higher Realms. But they don’t realize that the circuit is not complete unless they’re also rooted deeply into the Earth. We also have to remember that the Higher Realms are not “up there”. They are all around us.


Once you feel yourself and your energy tethered or anchored to the Earth than you can move on to the next step.

Step Three: Opening

In this third step, we want to open ourselves up and connect to God. This step also involves an active “drawing in” of Divine Love, Light and Intelligence into the body.


Reiki practitioners are taught to open their crown chakra and become a channel or a conduit for Reiki Energy (aka Universal Life Force) to flow freely through them. Then, they’re taught to draw that energy into their heart. Because the arms and hands are an extension of the heart chakra, energy healers can push that healing energy out of their arms and hands and into the receiver.


By connecting ourselves directly to our Divine creator we can ensure that we are now heavenly protected moving forward. Just like in the previous step, there are several ways to visualize this step. Here are a few common techniques:

  1. Visualize a connection being made from your heart to God’s heart. You may see or sense your Godspark (a silver cord) connecting to both your heart and God’s.

  2. Focus your attention on the white light glowing at your heart center. See it traveling up the throat chakra, through the third eye and crown chakra, and upwards through all star systems. Then see this light connecting you to the center of the Universe.

  3. Visualize all your energy centers opening so that you can become a conduit or vessel for Divine intelligence and energy to flow. There is an extra focus on the crown chakra and heart chakras opening and expanding.


Some people like to travel this energetic connection through the moon and the sun as well. If this feels in alignment with you, please do that. You may also notice the white light traveling past not only our star system, but through other star systems as well.

Step Four: Receiving

At this point you’ve created one connection going down into the Earth and another connection extending to the heart of God. The final thing to do is to make a final connection to complete the circuit.


What I like to do is start visualizing my energy going in one direction. So, for example, I’ll see my heart energy traveling down through the Earth and extending out the other side of the planet. Then, I’ll see that energy connecting to God and then through my crown. Until eventually it all connects back to my heart energy. I’ll trace that pattern in my mind several times or until it becomes clear. Then, if it still doesn’t feel clear, I may reverse the direction and keep running this circuit through my energy field until I feel the connection being complete.


You want to make sure that the “loop” is complete, and you can feel it. I will often run my heart energy through the loop three times each direction. By this point in the process, you should feel deeply connected to the center of the Earth and to God.


You now have an infinite stream of energy flowing from your heart to God, to the center of the Earth, and back again. The circuit of unending energy is now flowing up, down, and all around you. From here, you can actively open yourself up to receive the unobstructed flow of Universal Life Force energy, love, and healing.


Once you’re finished with your practice, it’s always a good idea to say a short little prayer to disconnect. You can also simply say out loud, “It is done,” or “I’m done for now. Thank you.” It is not necessary to disconnect or turn off the circuit, but most people find it overwhelming to go back to “normal” activities without closing the circuit.


I know this was a lot of information! But, the four-step process is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. Let me summarize the four steps below:


  1. Center: Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Place your hands and attention at the heart. Call in Divine Beings and set your prayers and intentions.

  2. Ground: Send your heart energy into the Earth. Visualize light, grounding cords, or roots anchoring your energy downwards.

  3. Open: Open your heart and crown chakras. Connect to Divine Love Light Intelligence (aka Universal Life Force) and bring that energy down into your heart.

  4. Receive: Complete the circuit by visualizing an infinite loop connecting your heart to God and the Earth.

I'm curious -- have you heard about this technique before? If so, do you use it? Let me know in the comments.

With Love,



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